Lake District

The exclusive Lake District, a sought-after residential space set around the majestic One World Lake. This district not only offers a serene living experience but also houses Lucknow's most iconic tower, lakeside cafés, a scenic boulevard by the riverside, and an unmatched clubhouse. The commitment to creating design solutions that enhance the development is evident in every aspect of the Lake District, making it a posh neighborhood for those who seek a mix of luxury and natural beauty.

Greenfields District

For those desiring peace amidst nature, the Greenfields District beckons. Sprawling, landscaped estates characterize this predominantly residential sector, offering the best of both worlds. Centrally located, Greenfields provides peace and calm at home while ensuring easy access to the bustling Downtown and retail sectors. The careful balance of nature and design in Greenfields makes it a true piece of paradise on earth.

The Riverfront

The residential region of The Riverfront at this property in Lucknow is characterized by a scenic riverside and wide-open spaces. Themed gardens, play parks, and sporting facilities create a vibrant community environment. Tree-lined streets and green walkways add to the beauty and warmth of The Riverfront, making it an ideal place to reside and encourage a sense of community living.


Downtown is the vibrant central business district of One World, situated in the heart of the 'City of Dreams.' With workspaces for businesses of all scales, a proposed destination mall, multiplex, and a plethora of bistros and restaurants, Downtown is a dream city center right at your doorstep.

Residence Categories

Shalimar One World property in Lucknow presents a range of residence categories, from exquisite sky villas to spacious four-bedroom suites and plush three-bedroom residences. The homes are a perfect blend of approachable luxury and the finest offerings in the world, ensuring that there's a home that fulfills every dream.

The OneWorld Clubhouse

Culinary At Lakeside

The 1.5-acre lake at the heart of the township, known as Lakeside, adds splendor to OneWorld. Decorated with French-style cafés, bistros, and restaurants, Lakeside offers a delectable culinary experience with cuisines from around the world. It's the perfect place to celebrate or unwind, enhancing the overall living experience at Shalimar One World.

Retail Therapy at its Best

Shalimar One World promises an all-new shopping experience in the proposed theme destination mall. Hosting some of the best Indian and international brands under one roof, the mall, along with the multiplex and kids’ zone, provides a complete family experience.

Education and Healthcare

Buying a property in Lucknow extends beyond mere luxury to prioritize residents' well-being. Anchored in this commitment are integral services, including a cutting-edge 300-bed international hospital and two schools within the township, providing state-of-the-art education. This strategic integration of essential facilities not only signifies convenience but also highlights an approach to community living. Residents benefit from immediate access to top-tier healthcare services and exceptional educational institutions, creating a nurturing environment for families. One World's dedication to well-being not only redefines luxury living but also establishes a haven where residents can flourish, knowing that essential services are seamlessly connected to daily lives.

Security and Civic Services

Ensuring the safety and well-being of residents is important at Shalimar One World, creating an environment where peace of mind is a top priority. Employing round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, the community maintains a vigilant watch, secured by access-controlled entry and exits that solidify security measures. Meticulously planned civic services further enhance the living experience, encompassing fire safety measures, a police station, and efficient garbage disposal. This gated community seamlessly integrates cutting-edge security protocols, offering a hassle-free lifestyle. Shalimar One World not only provides luxurious homes but also encourages a sense of security and tranquility, making it a haven for its residents.


The grand 1.5-acre lake, the thematic destination mall, and the Lounge space contribute to an unparalleled living experience, where every need is not just met but exceeded. Shalimar One World is not merely a residential complex; it's a community that values well-being, security, and the pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle. As Lucknow's skyline transforms with the iconic tower and the vibrant Downtown, Shalimar One World stands as a pinnacle of luxury and innovation, setting a new standard for contemporary living in India. Enjoy the future of luxury living – enjoy Shalimar One World.