The Foundation of our success

The people who have been a source of continuous power and strength to 'Shalimar' are our foundation pillars. Their management skills and never-ending endeavour to take Shalimar a step ahead of not only its counterparts but also exceed its own performance have enabled Shalimar Group to be at the very top of the list of Real Estate Developers in Lucknow and stay there firmly.

Mr. Masood Ahmad


Mr. Masood Ahmad, renowned for his exceptional business acumen, is a cornerstone of the Shalimar Group. Since the company's inception, he has steered corporate and marketing strategies with foresight, disciplined planning, and flawless execution. Under his dynamic leadership, Shalimar has flourished, attaining unparalleled professional excellence. Beyond his strategic prowess, Mr. Masood Ahmad's outstanding leadership, commitment to excellence, and inspirational demeanor have driven the company to greater heights. With his visionary guidance, Shalimar consistently sets new industry benchmarks, firmly establishing its status as a leader in the market.

Mr. Khalid Masood

Whole Time Director in M/s. Shalimar Corp Ltd.

Mr. Khalid Masood stands as a guiding light within the Shalimar Group, leading the way to strategic success. With a rich background spanning MBA expertise, civil engineering proficiency, and a diverse set of business skills, his steadfast commitment to fostering the company's overall growth is unmatched. Skillfully managing project execution, driving sales and marketing efforts, and making shrewd administrative decisions, Mr. Masood's holistic approach and sharp acumen significantly contribute to the organization's prosperity. His visionary leadership earns him widespread admiration and respect, solidifying his role as a key figure within the company.

Mrs. Leena Seth


A vibrant presence at Shalimar, Mrs. Leena Seth radiates boundless enthusiasm while adeptly handling administrative responsibilities. Her multifaceted role extends beyond conventional boundaries as she meticulously supervises the landscaping and interior design of Shalimar's esteemed projects. With a keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mrs. Seth imbues the Shalimar brand with sophistication and refinement. Her dedication elevates the company's reputation within the industry, making her an invaluable asset to the organization.

Mr. Abdullah Masood

Director in M/s. Shalimar Corp Ltd.

Transitioning from the glass processing industry, Mr. Abdullah Masood brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role overseeing government-allied works. With an MBA under his belt, he not only excels in project execution but also harbors an unwavering passion for infrastructure development. His dynamic approach embodies relentless determination, driving progress and innovation in every endeavor. As a catalyst for change, he navigates challenges with finesse, ensuring the seamless implementation of projects. His commitment to excellence and dedication to advancing infrastructure initiatives make him a true embodiment of dynamism within the organization.

Mr. Kunal Seth

Director in M/s. Shalimar Corp Ltd.

Emerging as one of the youngest and most prominent figures in the Indian real estate landscape, our Director, Mr. Kunal Seth, infuses a refreshing vigor into Shalimar's esteemed framework. A distinguished graduate of the prestigious Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, he leads the charge in modernizing business practices within the organization. With a forward-thinking approach, Mr. Seth pioneers the adoption of 21st-century techniques, yielding remarkable results in the workplace. His innovative strategies propel Shalimar towards greater efficiency and success, marking him as a beacon of progress within the industry.