1. Keep Your Property Documents Safe & Secure

The foundation of secure and successful property ownership lies in carefully managing your documentation. Beyond the achievement of property acquisition, it's essential to carry out a thorough review of your registered Title deed to confirm the accuracy of the information. Any necessary changes to the deed require an 'Endorsement' signed by the seller, highlighting the importance of cross-checking the data.

Collect all original documents related to the property from the seller, ensuring that you have a complete set. For those who have taken a home loan, creating a detailed list of documents submitted to the bank is crucial. As the original sale deed is typically handed over to the lender on the day of the deed execution, safeguard a photocopy for your records. Digitalizing these documents and storing them in a secure cloud setup, such as Google Drive or OneDrive, adds an extra layer of protection. Consider keeping another set of photocopies in a bank locker, if applicable.

2. Apply for an Encumbrance Certificate

An often-overlooked yet vital step in post-purchase due diligence is applying for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC). This document is important in cross-checking the accuracy of the property registration in your name or the banker's name. Applying for an EC approximately a week after the property registration date provides a window to identify and rectify any discrepancies, offering peace of mind regarding the property's history and status.

3. Get Utility Services Transferred

For those who have bought a property in Lucknow that is under construction, streamlining the transition of utility services is highly important. Initiate the process of transferring electricity and water meters into your name, but be aware that some jurisdictions may require a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the previous owner. Ensuring that your personal details, including name, address, and contact information, are accurately reflected on utility bills can prevent future hassles and streamline ongoing administrative processes.

4. Update Property Revenue Tax Records

Distinguishing between the registration of property in Lucknow and revenue departments is crucial, as they represent separate entities. Mutation, the process of changing title ownership, requires manual intervention and is not yet automated in many states in India. Promptly initiating the mutation process is advised to prevent potential complications. Understanding this process and taking proactive steps to get it done can save considerable time and effort in the long run.

5. Update Records with the Society or Welfare Association

Integration into the community is facilitated by submitting a copy of the Sale deed to the respective Society or Resident Welfare Association (RWA). This ensures that your name is accurately updated in their records, paving the way for a seamless and peaceful coexistence with fellow residents.

6. Keep Contact Numbers Handy

7. Consider Property Insurance

8. Initiate Property Maintenance

For those who have purchased vacant plots or agricultural land, prioritizing property maintenance is essential. Constructing fencing or a compound wall is recommended, especially for non-resident property owners. Additionally, installing CCTVs, if needed, adds an extra layer of security. Keeping contact numbers of neighboring plots or homeowners encourages a collaborative approach to property upkeep.

9. Be Careful of Income Tax Implications

While the immediate declaration of property ownership in your Income Tax Return (ITR) may not be necessary, certain circumstances warrant attention. If your annual income exceeds Rs. 50 lakhs after tax deduction, accurate disclosure of assets and liabilities, including the newly acquired property from the best real estate developers in Lucknow , becomes very important. Understanding the fundamentals of tax implications for home loans and rental income is important for total tax planning.

10. Make or Update Your Will

Looking towards the future, making or updating your will to include details of your newly acquired real estate property from Shalimar Group ensures a clear and legally binding distribution of assets. This forward-thinking step provides not only personal reassurance but also financial security for your loved ones.


Remember, the proactive measures taken in the early stages of ownership lay the groundwork for a secure and thriving future. As you navigate the space of property ownership, let these crucial steps guide you toward a secure and successful destination. The commitment to these post-purchase tasks will not only protect your investment but will also set the space for an enriching and fulfilling property ownership experience.