Home Buying Checklist | The Ultimate Home Buying Tips

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A new home is a dream come true. You pack your old memories to start making new ones. But, buying a house in India for the first time can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. We have prepared the definitive Home Buying Checklist a first time home buyer must tick when buying their first house so as to make sure you get what you pay for.

1. Does the house have dampness?

The first Home buying tip from our Home buying checklist is to check for dampness. The primary signs are a mouldy smell, flaky plaster, and soggy walls or ceilings. It sounds obvious, but make sure you look at the ceiling closely and around the skirting boards. Another clue might be if the room has just been repainted – possibly covering any damp.

2. Is the storage space enough?

Storage space is a valuable but often an overlooked asset. Where will you keep your vacuum cleaner, towels, spare linen, and boxes of junk? Is there room for cupboards or shelves to be built in? Especially in newly built houses, storage space can be relatively scarce and according to our Home buying checklist, that just won’t do!

3. Which way does the house face?

Here’s an easy and amazing Home buying tip for a first time home buyer - Take out your smartphone and do the smart thing: check in which direction is the house facing. This helps ensure that your home receives enough natural light during the day, especially in winters when sunlight helps keep the house warm.

4. Do the window frames have cracking paint? Is the double-glazing intact?

Our Home buying checklistś says that the state of the external window frames is a great indicator of the state of the house – if people look after those, they are likely to have taken great care of the rest. If you can easily push your finger into wooden window frame, they are usually rotten. If there is condensation between double-glazed window-panes it means that they are faulty

5. Are there enough power points and what condition are they in?

Faulty wiring can be dangerous, and rewiring your new home can be an expensive business, especially for a first time home buyer. Also check out the fuse board – often an indication of the state of the wiring. Does it look old and outdated? If so, our Home buying checklist urges you to reconsider.

6. Is the plumbing up to mark?

Some Home buying tips are as simple as running the taps to check the water pressure. Ask if the pipes are insulated, and ensure they are not lead because they would have to be replaced.

7. What’s the area like?

Some Home buying tips specific to the area the property is in -

  • Are you near a marketplace that gets crowded in the evening?
  • Can you walk to shops to get your daily essentials or do you have to drive?
  • Is it easy to get to public transport?
  • Are there noisy roads or train tracks nearby?
  • Are there any good schools nearby?
  • Is the neighbourhood safe?

As real estate leaders, we keep the above Home buying checklist in mind when constructing a house. Shalimar homes are built with utmost quality and perfection. We realize that owning a new home is a dream come true for most, so we make sure that your dreams do not turn into nightmares.